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Energy Efficiency Solutions

Energy saving and CO2 reduction

In an effort to preserve our planet and reduce the carbon footprint of industries, companies and communities, the transition from fossil fuels towards greener locally-produced energy is indispensable. 
In this energy transition, EQUANS is determined to limit greenhouse gases by improving its customers’ energy efficiency.
Whether it’s a matter of a detailed lighting study after LED relighting, renovating a boiler by integrating cogeneration, installing pipelines for the urban heating network or solutions to promote electric mobility, our sustainable energy systems allow you to reduce your energy consumption, along with you CO2 emissions. 
And the outcome? High-performance equipment, lower costs and extra comfort for users.

Our areas of activity

Using innovative technologies, we encourage sustainable practices. 

  • Intelligent and sustainable lighting
  • Cogeneration
  • Heat and cold networks
  • Charging infrastructure for your company

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